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Administration Duties

At CAS we can...

- Field your telephone calls
- Receive and direct visitors 
- Word Process
- Create spreadsheets
- File your documents

Other administration services we can offer include managing calendars; making travel arrangements and meeting and event arrangements and preparing reports and financial data.

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HR Employment


HR professionals are an integral part of every organization. Small business owners

need HR professionals to manage employees within an organization and handle training,

compensation and staffing matters.

- Maintain Policies & HR Records.

- Administer Company Programs

- Customise an Employee Handbook

- Handle employee/company contracts, variations and terminations; dealing directly on your behalf with the employment office.

- Handling employee concerns; when employees have problems with supervisors or other co-workers, they can arrange a meeting with their HR representative. We can often become referees between employees to handle common workplace disputes with being impartial to both sides.

​We also cater for specific company needs. These can be discussed as a package if required or a one off requirement.
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HR & Employment Duties

CV Building & Translations

CV writing is vital in showcasing your skills and getting the job you want. It is a process that allows a candidate to highlight the achievements and experience that will interest the potential employer. At CAS we offer CV building services which cater to each client. Professional resumes are easier to believe in and we can optimise your information to bag that interview for you.

Our services include:
- An interview with the client
-Talent & skill featuring
- Target-employer orientation
- Attractive layouts to choose from & colour schemes

We also offer language translations for your CV. Please contact us for further information.
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CV Building
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