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What CAS can do for you

During this credit crunch, you need to keep your projected budgets on target; staff levels can be one of the most important factors. Like all businesses, you need to be very careful with progressing and improving your business; at the same time still treading that fine line away from being professional, conscientious, efficient, and still remain-cost effective. CAS can be your perfect answer. We have the experience to cover the majorities of duties that are used within a busy office environment. We cater to your needs as an on-line office assistant, you will have no need to pay for a regular employee .The benefits of this; you are only charged for the work we complete; so there is no regular monthly salary to pay like you would a permanent member of staff. You only pay for the services you use. With no permanent member of staff you eliminate the problem of employment costs, holiday pay, sick and maternity / paternity costs. There will also be the added saving of money on office space, IT equipment, stationery, training, and general running costs. 
You will no longer run the risk of hiring an unknown temporary worker through a recruitment agency during the holiday and busy periods. We work in and through your office on-line , and can help you no matter where your business is located in the world. Our business strategy is to be as conscientious and committed to your business, as we are to ours . We have the experience to complete your work to the highest standard and have no room for error. Our goal is that you will be satisfied with our work and return to us time and time again! 
We can provide you with as much or as little help as you need with most office duties.
So don't delay! Contact us today so you can start saving money. 
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